Friday, December 23, 2011

Remote Buddy v. 1.16.2 - Full

This unfortunately is not the latest version of the software but it is the latest one I could find that is K'd and has an openable archive

I was testing this software... see the result below.

Got an apple remote and want to open up a lot more apps to your remote control,,,, and add functionality--

Got a Hack and an IR port or receiver and just happen to have an apple remote control lying about???.... look no further...

More info:

Some people have mentioned this product is not worth the $30.00 or so they charge for it.... See my other torrent Mira.... try both and decide for yourself...


Do not install this version on Lion - preferences comes up but the driver doesn't work. You may run into KP's etc on reboot. I believe it's good to go on Snow Leopard though...

Tried and tested and working


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